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PacketFabric Redefines Network Connectivity with Automated Networking Platform Powered by Juniper Networks

Juniper Switches Provide Increased Flexibility to Support PacketFabric's Next-Generation Cloud Networking Platform, Enabling Cost-Effective Capacity at Terabits of Scale

January 17, 2017

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - January 17, 2017) - Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced that PacketFabric, a NantWorks company and a provider of next-generation Ethernet-based cloud networking services, has selected Juniper Networks as its principal packet-switched network infrastructure provider. PacketFabric's fully automated software-defined networking (SDN)-based network allows users to instantaneously provision terabit-scale connectivity in a direct, private and secure manner across a next-generation transport fabric, powered by Juniper Networks® QFX10000 line of switches.

Today's networks require seamless connectivity across multiple regions, data centers, and clouds as well as demand an ever-increasing amount of bandwidth to support new applications and workloads. Traditional telecommunications solutions, which depend on slow and tedious manual provisioning for each new connection, have increasingly become a bottleneck in the rapidly evolving world of on-demand hybrid cloud environments. PacketFabric's innovative platform helps overcome these challenges by enabling customers to programmatically interact with its terabit-scale network in real-time, and by facilitating on-demand connectivity between any points across the fabric.

Using Juniper technology, PacketFabric has built an entirely automated and purpose-built SDN-based network architecture, enabling cost-effective, scalable and secure network connectivity, with real-time visibility and control over network traffic. With this offering, PacketFabric expects that companies will be able to easily manage the connectivity services they need at significantly lower costs and with far greater flexibility than traditional telecommunications services. This is especially valuable for companies with hybrid cloud models or large-scale data center deployments that are looking to efficiently connect their private and public infrastructures.

News Highlights

  • Advanced Flexibility and Scalability: Juniper's QFX10000 line of switches powers PacketFabric's purpose-built automated network, providing future-proof flexibility and scalability to meet current and evolving network connectivity needs. The QFX10000 line offers the capacity and scalability to ensure PacketFabric meets the highest demands from data centers as well as private and public cloud environments.
  • Simplifying Network Provisioning and Management: Using Juniper Networks' automation technologies, PacketFabric's next-generation platform is expected to provide real-time visibility and real-time interactivity, making it easier than ever before to oversee network traffic.

Supporting Quotes:
"As we thought about how to implement our vision for a better way for companies to build and maintain their network infrastructure, we realized that the only way to achieve our goals was to create a purpose-built, greenfield network, designed specifically around automation and scale. Utilizing Juniper's QFX10000 line of switches for our infrastructure was instrumental to achieving those goals, combining Juniper's unmatched carrier-class reliability, industry-leading automation capabilities, and the latest in cloud-scale performance."
- Richard Steenbergen, chief technology officer, PacketFabric

"PacketFabric is delivering a platform that can revolutionize how networks interconnect and interact with each other, which is an initial step towards making Digital Cohesion a reality -- an era in which multiple applications self-assemble to deliver new, predictive services. At Juniper, we are thrilled to be providing the advanced switching technology that will support the PacketFabric platform and provide its users with the superior performance, scalability and flexibility needed to have real-time and on-demand services. We look forward to continuing to work with PacketFabric to deliver networking innovation that helps their customers benefit from the cloud."
- Paul Obsitnik, vice president of portfolio marketing, Juniper Networks

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